Ahad, 25 April 2010

Memories 'Recipe For Hate' Gig / BBQ Party! Minyak Bekoo, BP!

More pics at Gig/BBQ Party ('Recipe for Hate' in support of Nervhous Tour!)

John Da Madman (our resident poet) recited the poem!

Sue vox of Sally Faerie performing!
The Happy Crowd...of course with chicken BBQ as complementary menus!
The scenery
Skunkfix! What a rockin' riot
Ude..the main man, organizer of the show! Super-duper double cheersss..We've Made it!

Minyak Bekoo Gig & BBQ Party (Recipe For Hate Tour!)

Carbon 4Teen
The Homies squad
The Most Rockin' that Nite.. Skunkfix!!

Always Last !

Young band from bp.. Urug-Hai (Mathcore) end show at 12.15 midnite....Enjoyable Gig cum BBQ Party...what more would u expect? blowing punk rock musics in the midst of breezy nite by the beach, eternal laughter & cheap liquer!

Khamis, 1 April 2010

Sally Faerie March Attack Report

It's an exhausting 2 weeks at end March last month for Sally Faerie, a dreamy-pop band.
Sally Faerie performed in 2 weeks back-to-back. The first, being homegrown Batu Pahat's Struck A Nerve Tour (in honour of Nervhous bands - Skunkfix, Always Last, Carbon 4Teens) on 20th Mar right on at Terminal Ferry Minyak Beku, it's by the beach (plus BBQ party!).
Then, next day, they're off to JB in support of Nervhous touring bands (including The Liberals & Mooda Moodi) at Skudai Plaza...

A week later on 27th March, they found themselves in Reggae Bar, KL performing in Rise Up Vol. 2 gig, a showcase in support of Young And Dangerous!!

Congrats Mr Ministerfucker!!

We'd like to congratulate Mr Ministerfucker, Chua Soi Lek for his stunning victory in MCA's presidential election... He's No. 1 baby... Yeah!!
This guy came from batu pahat.Dunno why, but seems all contolvresy come from bee pee...this place is famous for some 'rare' thingies to happen..Soi Lek, Lim Gek Kia, Marsman..and the list go on... Peace!!

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