Ahad, 17 Oktober 2010

Still Water Claims rockin' the nite @The Wall 25/9/2010

It's 11.30pm already and and everybody's in the pack were hell-sweat. Still Water Claims, from Australia rocked the night outwith their Papa Roach-style and post-Rock genre.
They would of coz remembered the kids of The K-Wall here, for being crazy enuff to complement every of their moves & showmanship!
Along with local bands - Diskangkung, Burnout, Aghory, Semerepang, Bullet Thru My Heads, Driven, Carbon 4Teen, Stick No Bills, Through Our Lungs, Penang's The Eyes of Skadi, Facedown (didnt i tell u it's 12 straight bands performin!!), it's another crazy night to be remembered by the kids. Keep it!!
Also, congrats to The Wall for bringin' paradise of rock to the kids.

2 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

erkk..actually they're nott DAT AWESOME! our kids are more awesome than them..but to show some support..we should greet em as they tried to entertain us..and they came frm faraway land..

Jabs berkata...

Hehe. agreed dude..show some respect... but they're cool as hell.

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