Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

In Killionaire's Row

A metrozolic
handsomely resurface as
when i reverse ma thought in wildest dream
mesmerize from bit to last

Between plight of sanity and pledge of defiance
the chill of pleasure running
en passe the darkness u propose
when im the addict to the thrill u possess

The pulse of wicked infinity
keep staring beyond
the pale of facial intensity
bleeding thru where u belong
it seems patchy to make end but deep inside, there lay a destiny
a believer die twice never to be remembered again
a warrior killed thrice only to be shagged on and on
a painstalker buried alive only to be magnified by shame

the rave speed when im the king flaming
triple shot of rippledust wont ever back me down

seem like yesterday
i ain't trippin when i see em' cumming
slow whisper but screamin' high, rise from the Horizon
where im stayin
.the king.
when tomorrow the empire falls

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