Sabtu, 4 September 2010

Diskangkung show in Singapore

 Being a fan of 'em myself, i managed to steal some pics from their recent show at Blackhole212, Singapore. They've fascinate everyone with their full-blown socio-political lyrics coupled with energy u could expect from young band...already garner strong following esp in Johor so i cant wait for them to take Klang Valley scene dammit!

Promising indeed. With this new feat, Diskangkung could as well on course to be the most successful band straight outta BP so here we go, guys....
Cool head , great lineups...Keep punkfucking more...!!

2 ulasan:

Fika Wicca berkata...

i'll inform the members about this coverblog! :)

btw where do u get all the pics frm?
we been searchin for that tho...but cant fine..

Free Thinker berkata...

wahwah membe2 aku sudah semakin maju...

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