Khamis, 17 September 2009

Nationalist BNP vs Muslim Britain - Riot Outside Harrow Mosque

Last friday exacly on 11th September saw an ugly clash between fascist-nationalist and radical muslim youth in front Heathrow mosque. It began when Stop the Islamisation of Europe ( has received 2 hours peace protest in front new-built 5-storey mosque. The clash erupted when radical muslim youth (mostly Paki) resisted the anti-islamic rally led by English Defence League (EDL) and British Nationalist Party (BNP). To make matter worse, the UAF (Unite Against Fascism), sparked riots when about 1,600 Muslims, communists and anarchists turn up in support of an Islamic Britain just nearby Heathroe mosque. The BNP/EDL/SIOE coalition (actually most of them are pro-nazist, football hooligans) claimed the police turn their back on em' instead protecting the muslims.
No dead or casualty but it makes u think how this kind of racial issue still exist. The moral sentiment engulfed in racial hatred potrays the disease still linger in civilised society of today. It shows the ugly face of Nationalism, the pride and courtesy aryan blood.Here's an excerpt from pro-EDL site:"If you wish to counter the spread of the backward muslims, join the BNP and do it properly, these piss poor second rate efforts are doing nothing except to show that none of these lazy good for nothing muslims have a job to go to on a Friday afternoon".

To learn more about BNP youths who had run riot and nearly destroy capital mosque of Heathrow 11 Sept 2009 , stay here >BNP exposed<..

Talk about nation of Mr Bean, indeed!!!

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