Khamis, 31 Disember 2009

3 of Best Song 2009 (Local)

1. Kelibat Si Penyair - Azlan & The Typewriter
The title itself reveal the darkness undertoning the melody. There is similar note-to-note & mood vibe comparable to Coldplay's 2005 lead single 'Speed of Sound'.
Definitely, the best local song ever! Dark, superflossy & rich with great element of mysteries. Underlying the lyrics, this song is actually about the habit of cracking ice so some might say a druggy experience is an X-factor in composing great stuff....

2. Nora Zen - Komplot

Stylish, breaking new ground and artistically abrasive, the song offer new vibration never been experienced by local audiences. As for the band, the main driving force & creative focal is the lead guitarist Amrud's catchy riff personality. His creative blend of Brit-pop and rock kapak sound stroke imagination. Too bad, they now called it a hiatus so, rate this song under one-hit wonder file.

3. Khayal-Khayalan - The Times

I know, not anybody notices this song but The Times had always been understated for rest of the Indie scene. Not as famous as OAG and far more overridden by Hujan, The Times' songs are like beautiful germs - polished & shiny but unlikely to be noticed by careless eyes. Taken from 'Modern Minimalis Glamour' album, they should earn their long overdue as King of Indie-Pop!

Song to watch for 2010: Ahli Fikir's 'Derita Merindu'..classy rap/pop single with infectious chorus to die for(think 80's Sinead O'Connor and 90's Roxette) u know, the future of local entertainment scene shall be really at the hands of few brilliant artiste with touch of linguistic genius & poetry!

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