Jumaat, 25 Disember 2009

And The Santa Keep Drifting Down On Us...

Drunk Santa

It's only last night that i trodding along street of bangsar or where they called the pillar of life?no amount of dog's waste is even shitter than that
It's slumber christmas in KL 25th dec 2009.it seems dead.patchetic metropolitic.santa is non-existent,almost been faked by the superordinary malaysian men of good citizens...
The bangsar light is less captivating...heard, some friends patronize the same area but i feel the beer taste bitter
So, to the southern i part my soul and heart....

Remember when we used to toss Carlsberg right on the eve of christmas, we...the rebel-makers, bad guys in the supernice town, hiting the road keeping the city alive...
we thought the sunset may rise from the west...and 7o'clock still early to keep your eyes shut.
we torch the road with our radiance of youth...no one else but u, me and those vodka of life
friendship may not last forever but real memories keep linger...

Are we forgot?
Those are the days..we are green and meaner..are we now living on the edge where all souls squeezed by needs, rather than wants? are we bound by schematic design of demand and supply? No one else but u, me and still the vodka of life.

Ho! Ho! Santa..keep on drifting, shower us with your love & beautiful gifts to swallow...plus some champagne of life..for we seem to forget the meaning of celebration, edification and lovingness...keep off the sorrow...save the mankind
we want to be Elf once more...or better, never to be swallowed by age!
May this christmas spirit linger on us, forever...

7 ulasan:

aina mysla berkata...

ho-ho. a rather sloppy eulogy with stupid grade 2 grammatical mistakes. even the contents can't make good of its adjectival dumbness. what a shame.

ssp is a collective of shame.

saya su berkata...

sampai mesej dari penulis tak aina mysla?sampai kann.. ;P

so pekik,peter-pan syndrome juga menghantui anda?
saya rasa sebab kita dah move on ke komuniti yang lebih besar.anjakan yang bagus.asalkan kita keep in touch our way.

..but i prefer small circles.like the ol days.

St. Aina^The Fucker Nun berkata...

hoho! so..what can u expect from a rebel-maker punx who like to toss Carl's & squirt his pet dog's sperm on your mom's face.... hahhaa

Merry Christmeas, sucker
may jeseus saves u ahahah

saya su berkata...

what do u expect,punk?
bein anonymous doesnt get u so anonymous.

u dont understand this.plz for once,have a heart.

try to be flexible.ouh,i forgot.u r the fixed sign.my bad.forgive me.


patungcendana berkata...


'...may jeseus saves u ahahah...'

grammatical mistake there...hahahaha...

merry christmas pekik...its people like aina who makes santa dissappear.

aina mysla is my name bitch berkata...

i think you are just superficial, self-proclaimed 'rebel-maker' and die-hard bestial masochist when you are infact just a timid stupid circumsized bitch who can't outsmart to stop constructive criticism.

what message really when the message is daft like the inconsistent writer himself?

you think you cool? suck my dick.

-awaiting barbaric hiphop dunce response, that what i can least expect from you, bitch!-

aina mysla berkata...

it is a fact of life that some bitches dying to follow blindly some stupid inconsistent pseudo hiphop poser for a spill of their shits. funny.

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