Jumaat, 25 Disember 2009

Which one is your choice? Who CARES??!

Most malaysian indiefuckers would have been spoilt for choices for 2 big events on Boxing Day!!
As for me, should i care??it's repetitive event headlines by some boring big names...pop shuvit, lmb...who cares?!
but most notably to make girls gigglin are bunk face. yuna also there, zee avi??
This really a fart-fest, nonetheless...
on other notes, how on earth should i see dejavoodoo spells & plague of happiness sharing the same stage wit wings & search? eh? are we living in scotland? I have the presumption that the local indie or so-called independent music acts are tending themselves to be really OLD. Sell your soul, kids.....

Please givee me some minimalis acts.
Who cares? the shows motivated by big Capital.
I'd rather strung in the room watchin Beta House along wit The Smith blaring.
I shall put on King Of Leon's 'Use Somebody' over couple of beers....Lets get the turkey on...
Still, this motherfuckers (and so do everyone) keep waitin' for Marsman's hit job onstage!!

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