Rabu, 9 Disember 2009

Place Your Bet on Ne-Yo

Let's place some bet if Ne-Yo would ever come down to M'sia. Cos instead flowin his playa on in KL, he might cancel and go performing in Singapore instead?
Now, it comes to the test to government either to allow this 'gentleman' into m'sia or sending him off to similar fate like Beyonce.
So, if Ne-Yo does being permitted to perform, is it just because he has a cock and little boobies so it poses no dangerous liason to the authority.
So, what is the conclusion here? Sexy songstress would always been dreamt of performing in malaysiau (unless u're 50 plus like aretha franklin)? Double-Standard? Anti-feminist? Wrap em' in this super-government patriotic hands!!

Ne-Yo gig is slated on 8th Jan at Sunway Lagoon (the same venue of MTV Worldstage!!) so lets keep our finges open! Celebrate & COME CLOSER!!

Pic 2: Ifne-yo riding motorcycle

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Nad Kassim berkata...

hi i'm the one whom you told that i have nice hair.

love your english.

and i think neyo would come here sooner or later coz many other big names have stepped on Sunway Lagoon's stage,right?

I don't really know about the entertainment world.

can't wait for sean paul to be here though. my bf's crazy about him.

patungcendana berkata...


saya su berkata...

james baum ade tak?

*wow factor

pekuWk^ berkata...

Hi, im the guy who used to say the same line to every hottie i come across...and it workss!! definitely

i used to get my short article published in Rolling Stone back in 97 (about punk scene in muslim-dominate country)!! Yeah. checkout issue no346 (micheal Stipe cover). I was 16 back then, and cant even go to Garbage concert in sentosa island on the mag's complimentary ticket!!

about ne-yo i think its great injustice to s'pore as i suppose m'siau is mere trash-bin or 2nd-hand choice for toprated acts
and i really think we're living in near-end world where kl is new entertainment hub and Lady Gaga's bigger than paris Hilton!!

sean paul?!! i thought he's spiking on peter andre?? *peepy
hey, still nice hair....u can pup me here for entetraiment filler

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