Khamis, 23 Julai 2009

Karnival Rakan Muda Show - Part 2 (Komplot-Marsman-Post Show Party)


Right after SF, Komplot pun main..crowd pun memang expect nak watch Komplot so mmg ni pun yg diorang tunggu.
Membawakan 3 lagu, Disko Tanpa Risiko, Nora Zen and new single so the band is megastar that nite. This is the first time Komplot played batu pahat (even tho' Zac the voc claimed his grandad is in Tmn Pantai-whut!) and a marvellous experience they bring. I recognise this is really musically-driven band and this maybe why that famous saxophonist also found himself in the line-up. They drive the crowds wild and the atmosphere was so good everybody knows it's happening stuff. Also, Komplot just fresh from Shout Awards (TV8) a day earlier performing wit Meet Uncle Hussein so i guess the feelin' still alive. It takes rare and talent shit to really bring the house down so, oh my dawg they rock the city much to amusement & enjoyment of crowds.

Selepas Komplot, Marsman lak main..actually rasa cam pantet cos agak stim ilang. Main last band if u havent properly release materials or hardly known on national figure is like having the 10th cumshot. Ade poem recital separa-sedar-style masa opening ktorang drpd (yeahz!) our 6th invisible member, Pekong! Diiringi guitar Boy, pekong recite 'Berita dari Langit'.Personally, i think we should never play last cos' this just killed the poetic style we'd like to highlight/showcase. Seperti biasa, marsman is manifestation of technical hiccup / amp glitch (what can u expect fro a band yg still jamm prektis 4 hours earlier!). Thats we maybe cursed by rockypoofystar damnation. Pastu, play lagu 'Dew-Nia..Bermula' & cover The Used.
Anyway, yeah a cursed band that is, marsman did considerably well (amp pun dah blow sesikit, ape nak expect?) and we ended the show wit 'Maya Kecundang'. 12.30am.

..And The Kids Just Want More
On the whole, the show was proven sucess. Active crowd, mission accomplished (but i heard there was one bozo from rakan muda - read 'authority' who complaint about the Finger Inc's chic vox fashion. WTFFFF it's even heard he made remarks some kind like 'eh, vocalist tu pakai seluar pendek ala, abis la pejabat mesti marah..') Weyh bozo, ni show bukan peraduan nasyid.Ape beza dengan anugerah Bintang Popular lak. Adeh~tolong.. and i think the pejabat belia have already captured their target market and discovered what makes the young peuple ticK!U fool, try to cash-in on trendy-windy culture so i suggest next time u organize a full beer-flowin' party wit Umno flags by the side! Oh yeah, and there's mosh/pogo going on in the pit (?)-yeah, in Karnival Rakan Muda, ahaks! - there are few stage diving as well esp in Komplot set o it's nice it did happen dalam function anjuran Pejabat Belia. Anyway, special thanks to if-Neyo for the pot!

Post-Show Party CK-style
That was good night's out. After, ktorang lepak reramai kat ck (cipap kembung), jln omar. All the boys & girls were there, but no beer (argh!). Budak2 Laila, Finger Inc, Sparanormal & Zac vox Komplot pun jebak gak...We exchange views, bual kotey, hold conversation somethin' like..FAQ:'horlick+milo+kopi+teh jadi ape? A:hold my kote. Near 3am, bdk2 Finger & Laila's cabut jb while sparanormal & Zac stay hotel. Ktorang balik sarang and ginji had to take trip to KL next mowning. 4am, it's still mysterious what boy, alung, pekong actually did along wit Zac at his Silver Inn hotel lodge.Huh..

As usual, after show review by SSP...somebody pleazee upload more picSSS!!!
*Marsman pics are witheld for security reason.

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