Khamis, 2 Julai 2009

Akon Postponed - Konvicted by the Nation

The long-awaited Akon concert debut 2 July at sunway lagoon is postponed. No more 'freedom beach'. And girls, forget those thongies. From what i heard, its not because of 'personal matters' but the authority feels it inappropriate about gig's liquor endorsement on the muslim hiphop artiste. Yes, he is born muslim.

Say he will cumin' back on 24 Oct but dammit, id trade the tickets already. No use. Maybe, rancid will come and im hoping tim wuld fly down so we can kiss the beer all night lowng!But it's the slimmest chance u got as Pak Lah already gone and najib ruling power not only shuns the young guns but big star/international artistes as well!Owrite...I wanna make love NaNaNaNaaanaa..nana, gwe da lame tak jumpe u la. uhuk~~

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