Ahad, 21 Jun 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Days are gone when I measured my height
By standing by your side
Days are gone..

When I tried to follow
Your steps,
Your manners,
Your stride

These are the days when dear daddy
I want to tell you already
You have been a special mentor
And a very special friend
And a very very special Dad..

5 ulasan:

ukangkang berkata...

happy fathers day puff daddy!

brokeN~Fleet berkata...

P. Didick?

katanya kat teluk ramunia skrang...
siap sedia nak bina jambatam 3rd link sgpore linggiu...

Si Pekuk! berkata...

Mummy 1:Daddy's not around so kiss him thru the phone!

Mummy 2:He's busy wanking with the mistress!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

save in respect of my late father n other nice loving respectable fathers as well, some (n actually a big number of em) fathers are just assholes and puki n thats y their kids turned out to be puki n assholes too, no?

so happy puki fathers as well?

brokeN~Fleet berkata...


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