Selasa, 2 Jun 2009

Melrose Place 2.0

Jeezy! The show got remake after 10 years. Following footstep of Beverly Hills 90210, some bunchy-munchy comes to life again this time led by Ashlee Simpson (wifey Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boys fame). Originally, this soap drama potrays the heyday of Gen-X someting u can compare wit film 'Singles' (potrayal of seattle grunge era) or Reality Bites (winona, ethan hawke & ben afleck)
This is story of 20-somethings consisting of various interesting characters intertwisted in an apartment building of LA's Melrose: publicists, aspiring filmaker, chef, environmentalist and not to mention, Samantha a-med-student-cum-escort. Also, a landlady cougar played by Heather locklear (ah, susa sangat nak eja name die la). Ashlee will play Violet Foster, a small town girl with knack of sex-kitten.

U can expect lots of silky lingerie, rampant lunatics and plenty of bed-hopping, backstabbing & cliffhangers.

I think they try to reconnect with Gen-Y (born 80-85) but thats old stack, how about disclassified gen '87-'91? At least these are the target market of 90210 remake. They got cool OST back in '95 wit the best dong is Urge Overkill's 'Turn your back on me'. Ashlee Simpson moves to Melrose Place. Will Jessica visit?
Ashlee...? Damn, bring back jessicaaa!! I wanna duck youuu

Too bad, it wont aired in malaysiau so whaddafuck everyone's here is so panic am look for moment to kick weed sambil watchin' MP 2.0!

Thats better deal than choking tequila in laundry...or any spot u (think its cool?) spfoooch..

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