Ahad, 21 Jun 2009

View.. not review..

Common Dreads is scheduled to be Enter Shikari's second studio album, and is set to be released on June 15th, 2009 and June 16th for the US. (gosh.. its my birthday-credit to my dad- happy fathers day!)
As I have read, Recording of the album began in September 2008 and ended in late February 2009 and the album has recently leaked onto the internet!!

( you can simply find by Ares or Torrent, please ask UKK for copy.. hahaha)

The new album was recorded in Arreton Manor (*ccdG) situated on the Isle of Wight and that’s in England territory the land of multi-ideologies who were against citizen authorities abuse..
Several new songs have been played live in the tours and festivals leading up to the new album and you can view from YouTube..

(youtube got authorized unconfined release.. so go-go youtubemutfook!................ what then?! You want me to post the link? Do your fucking self!)

The album has a political motive behind it and references to the current economic climate is a topic that is covered with against capitalism and corruptions.

So enjoy the music , please be yourself and put PEOPLE FIRST!


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brokeN~Fleet berkata...

OK! this is what am goin to say :

Yes we fuck,
we get drunk,
we on half-conciuos drug invasion,
we hear music you called it 'crap sound',

but please stick to whatever you do and no false interpretation toward ideologies.

Don't be a scumbag. Please be yourself!

*bring back what 'SSP' are.. and again im not your boss!

dan lagi;

hindarlah dari menjadi manusia yang sentiasa ditatang oleh subsidi..

usaha sendiri bleh menjauhkan dari punca makan diri atau punca jalang atau hidup terpaksa dek terhutang budi.

Si pekok berkata...

UK is the place where class-consciousness is the highest level..Communist First Meeting, Crass, Conflict origin there. but they got jockiest entertainment stuff huhu..

Never thought ES is such forceful thus result in probably the most stylo anti-capitalist acts to date.
Great stuff.
Unite & Fight! (haven't heard 'em quite long time!)

brokeN~Fleet berkata...

and i've been wondering, neither our government nor opposition think about the consequences to the 2nd and 3rd class people cause by their eagerness to rule this Malaysia... Mind abusing..

correct me if i'm wrong, things mess up and hair-wired..

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