Isnin, 9 Mac 2009

Hip Hop Vs Shufflers

What ever happened to Hip Hop these days?
There's growing trend that they're being overtaken by Shuffle in the clubs.... And some clubs are happily cater their pit to these shufflers community, who presumably less sophisticated and probably came from less urban area of metro jumpsuit. The problem is they only recycle the breakdance moves circa 80s and a fuckin mess in the dance pit... They should go to some other place where the club serves only light-drinking stuff and have a sign 'for kids who enter for mint experience and havent that much pennies...'

I still have faith to clubs who consistently putting out DMX even though i hardly heard Ms Officer in any of malaysiau's clubss
I remember R&B chics had to recover their position because the shufflers next table are such a fucking mess! Another big problem, they cant dance to the tunes of Akon or lets say G-Unit.
But i guess, its just a phase and Shuffle is not capable to override hip hop in long term process. They would die like kangarooos (Head up, Aussies!")

Soulja Boy Tell'Em dance move is much better than the shufflers.
I might fucking old to analyse the situation but does anybody mention that Shuffle only originate from Melbourne. What the fuck those aussies do in the first place? Some section of lesser urbanite kids are happily subscribe without even noticing the quality value of its origin. To compromise shuffle element into hip hop is another disastrous move (for producers, arrangers) Thats why they need to be eliminated from the royal kingdom of Hip Hop elites. Never in the world for Hard Trance to dominate the Billboards! (wit exception to House or Ambience)

Doesn't your daddy used to say, "American is Cool...."

3 ulasan:

brokeN~Fleet berkata...

dance ke shuffle ke jumpers ke.. tu semua peace of art.. gua x kesah.. gua layan..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

woi! apa x cantik blog ni?? apa kita suda setuju sarang seni pekak apa? as opposed to the physical sarang seni pekik?

-alung? kahkahkah-

brokeN~Fleet berkata...

cik anon.. sila rujuk pada founder.. cik UKK...

*hahahahaha.. asal aku kesarang.. mesin rumput di dinding sarang tu menjadi perhatian aku...

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