Sabtu, 21 Mac 2009

March - Bad Time for Love Making

It's that time of the year. again.. motherpuckers.. No valentine.Love making is bad, produce less superior infant and the sperm cant generate enugh to bring down the bed. What we've got here is failure to comunicate and reaffirm eros. as long as u love me.. i dont care

It speculates whats going to happen tomorrow at Sunburst, the mega concert brought by celcom.. Heck, is Pharrel William really cuming to town? And Korn? R u sure.. As pessimistic as always be, malaysia could be the last resort for them to check their sweat out.. during this bad time of the year, of course...

To compare wit, we're lagging behind our counterpart in singapore.. i mean Red Jumpsuit just played fort canning last week while Kaiser Chief will follow suit..Im sure the malaysian kids are not ready yet for RJA to rock the stage! And not tomention A7X who played there about last 2 month!! Better bands & musical acts are preceeding there rather than kl, still the stigma of conservative country ..
Huwever, i have big respect for current government for allowing kids to have such space & mega-tour concert experience. But, u might need to be ready for mongolian rock right after pak lah steps down, ahaks!
The last time i checked my msg, celcom posthomously offer 2 tickets for 1 shot price of RM200. Desperate for turnover eh? Lets buy more beer for that chunk 0.2gram..huhu

And the the venue.. i always have problem wit that equestrian club. Next to Securities Commision? National Science Center? That place is damn boring...Hellooo, could u find better place next time?

No holiday. Lets see more pimpin' of much appreciative acts and stars like weezy (lil wayne), TI, young jeezy, cradle of filth or who knows, A7X? Anyway, gud luck bursters. Dun complain too much. It's what u got..

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si tolol berkata...

it has started since february. has been drag year for me. couldnt care less about who the fuck coming to town since i had already missed Nofx and mogwai. sipet.

and godamn. brace yourself for a dark era of malaysia under najib in April. the nine tails fox is starting to rule the world.

yep. plus the miscommunication (miscommunication ke?)

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