Rabu, 25 Mac 2009

Khairy VS Mukhriz: More Cocaine for Youth Pleazee..!

Today could be the bad day. or worst day. in wee minutes to go.generation screwed. Or to hell we piss.

Two fuckers r vying for top spot of umno youth wings but if we have a choice, lets pint for the better. It's so crucial that it shapes the future of booze.

Khairy & Mukhris r juz 2 oppozite & different icons. One is a swagger, catalyst of Change while the other fucker is an elitist scumbag, prefering to stay under shadow of his dad!

U c, pitting against each other for UMNO Youth chief, it's like having Bad Religion vs Deep Purple onstage to drive the moshpit. BR-wise, being sophisticated, intellectual and humane, Khiry's just too good to be accepted by normal society. Instead of being a savior, propelling the bombshells of wordz & issues, they were downgraded as villain. U know, it's like that. Nuthin new, how many generation does it take to build a new world? Even the malay stories proved how a young boy named Hang Nadim was executed for his wise intelligence for the Sultan were afraid that the boy can make lose his power (status quo) sumday. Still, as u knuw it, it's Deep Purple who stamp its mark as rock god while the post-intellectual BR will be set aside as mere political munkees & misunderstood figure.

Top reason why mukhriz need to be abolished & go:
- He may think skateboarding as another recreational means to smash things up, broke windows and terrify the children.
- Remember, it's his father who labelled 'Punk (rock) bodoh'. Remember punk makan sampah episode?
- He is as Sham 69 succintly pit it, an 'Old Fart'.
- He is simply, NOT COOL. 'Your macho shit won't phase me now!'

Why KJ must prop up for leadership:
- He represents the rebellion of the Youth & have insight into the vision of broken generation.
- He had certain leftist leaning ve. radical roots.
- His liberal virtue is at perfect correlation wit freedom of expression & youthful hedonism!
- OK, this guy is cewl. Whut else

U knuw whut, we may need a Ludacris of reform, P.Diddy of edification or all those type of rebels / political 'playa' to drive society out of manhole and liberalise the nation. Someone who have style, the fathom to make it real. Someone who can make the 'killing of old tradition value' a business. A fuckin' business, mate.

The last time i heard najib's speech, he insists umno to change vision n be kinda like "mesra-orang muda" or "menawan aspirasi generasi baru".. Excuze Me, where y'all been all these years?!! Bz shoving people ass & muney?

The Danger of Nahydin

The resurrection of Nahydin (Najib + Muhydin) signals the rise of Malay Rednecks. These r one who will shoot u down if u listen to Earth Crisis 'Destroy The Machine' or Black Flag. (cos' power of soul, music & words is mightier than sword) They're the one who will keep u down if u hold tha beer & swinging ya' hands to the air! And they're one who put u under MIA list if ur caught smoking pot. Too dangerouzz! Cant imagine a sleazy world u gonna live in! Cos some of us has taken thing for granted. Remember, it's under Pak Lah's regime that we enjoy the best ever space of freedom. It's only during his time that openness prevails and entertainment (as the highest cornerstone of human civilization) flourishes....

Salam 'Setiakawan' (Walau harapan jatuh di pinggir awan)

It's clueless fate for Khairy & his gang of NU Young Turks. Like jesus and any other propagator of CHANGE, they'll be the one to be crucified. All at the expense of society. As generation doomed and trapped between prevailing conservative dogma and the new aspiration of 'Liberal / Civilised Men', we will always be scapegoated, misinterpreted, used, condomised, scorned, labelled; petrified.

All hope is gone. But with 'setiakawan', we all here to stay.
As one
unit of Love.
face down.
but Arm to arm.

P/s: The opinion aired does not collectively represents SSP. This is simply generational view. A token of appreciation for the Hang Nadym figure of pop culture. Cos' who really cares as long as the beer keeps flowin' and the drugz keep burning.. Just Leave us FUCKING Alone!!

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Jan Kafka berkata...

ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha (mcm nelson buat dlm the simpsons tu hahahahahah)

is this another way of saying ur endorsing the promiscuity of norman hakim? well, nothing wrong with dat (primarily).

lets say that one lesser evil doesnt make things right. hes still the upholder of malay ultra nationalism and wouldbe perpetrator of corruption in the next years to come. we will never liberate ourselves from our historical baggage.

people like to talk about (partisan) politics as if it runs in their blood.

lagipun, org mcm ni ke, org mcm mahathir ke, org mcm tu ke (tu mana?), semua sama. self righteous bastards: "yang salah tetap salah." eh? sapa cakap macam tu eh? kkjj (khair kote jamalodin jebor ke?) hahahaha

no goats nor mistress toot!

Jan Kafka berkata...

ralat: kljj (khair lempoyang jamalodin jebor). yea, thats more like it.

uden kingkong berkata...

salam pekik semua...
ape cite bro jadi x nak wat gig "setiakawan"?
agak2 dapat sponsor tak?
idea baik tu....
boleh aku cadangkan pada ifne-yo nanti.
har har har

Makhluk berkata...

ktuiktui.. gig setiakawan ehh! Kayer ko klau dapat projek buat gig untuk team pemuda umno... Tibai jekk, kira ok la dpt kj, dr si toyol..

si pekuk! berkata...

Auwww.. I miss the beatz...
C'mon bro, lets show sum luv to these young turks of Social Democrats. The leftists & supremo-anarchist like u have nothing to lose with his reign.

si tolol berkata...

me? im always a contrarian. even if im not i always do it without others knowing it. its called infiltration.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

you just watch-out KekekJebor!! aku xkan lupa ape ko dh buat dgn aku!!!

SSPolitikbabi berkata...


marah sgt ni bunyi mcm ifneyo jek?

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