Isnin, 20 April 2009


Up side down?
Don’t take not one step to affront anymore
Not to even add on the momentum
Alas, where am I?
So must I at the middle now?
Just if I don’t know where’s the beginning nor the end
And owh yes my friend, I loves the beginning
Where the anticipation of the out comes is everywhere in the air
Where everything is empty is rather a clearer view

And I will tell you the matter of the end
It’s where the emptiness been fully occupied
With all sorts of sins, immorality, dark politics and social sickness

Should I ever love the end?
Nay, and nor should anybody

And when the end is the beginning
That I’ve to end everything for a beginning
And I’ve to begin to end everything
Only then will I love the end

Alas, please do tell me where I am, my friend
After all, I can’t see the beginning nor the end
So, where do I belong to?
Only in a scrap of memento?

My friend, it’s time to suffer

Hold your glass up above your head and salute…

For I, as you always reckoned, am a tragic figure…

7 ulasan:

pekuk^tragic berkata...'re back! Viva!

pekik si pekong berkata...

Selagi saudara UKK tidak membatalkan kebenaran menghantar catatan-catatan stim separuh jalan dan DBP belum lagi mengeluarkan apa-apa garis panduan estetika, catatan-catatan separa-sedar penulis SSP seperti ini akan terus di'post'... Hehe..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

i love dis...muahh..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

so.. u are telling were stuck in the middle? or u dont want to move anywhere?

chameleon berkata...

we are all in denial..

pekik si pekong berkata...

Im not saying... I merely am asking... A sililoque that made true by a medium of dancing words... Hardly understandable except the soliloquist himself.. But I respect anything that came out of you guys... : ) Boleh? Heh...

saya su berkata...

jangan risau..saya su memahami anda..cewahh!

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