Khamis, 20 Ogos 2009

All American Rejects in Action .. (MTV Worldstage)

*Kindly click [Pic] for larger (yess, fucking LARGE one) view
At 10.15pm, here comes the most awaited act that nite..All American Rejects. Currently hot wit their single 'Gives You Hell', oh yeah an electrifying superperformance they were.
Opening set wit 2005's 'Dirty Little Secrets' (hey marsman, dont we supposed to play this song like bleeding 3 years back..oh God) before moving on to 'Swing Swing', 'It Ends Tonight', new song taken from Transformes' OST 'Real world' and superrowmantique 'The Wind Blows'!!
Tyson wear a surprisingly green singlet that was so cool. He was crazy, jumpin' a lot but it's his swayin' body movement that made em' sexy.Sometimes he danced like a jungle dayak-style and occasionally, just bein' plain munkey.I must say, the guitar sound (Tim Wheeler) was amazing..during 'Swing Swing' it sounds exactly what u hear on the stereo!
I guess, rockstars are born damn lucky..pretty girls hustle your name, and big pussies chasin' u after the show!!
End their show with what else 'Gives You Hell', it's a perfect night i cant imagine
With AAR on stagelist, i must say this (MTV Worldstage) is the MOST HAPPENING and explosive event/party ever held in Malaysiau, far more explosive than sunburst, or any concert u name it-Incubus, MCR,Jason Mraz etc. million way happening than night's out in zouk,loft,all wrapped-in-one. For music snobs, the whole experia is like pinky tits rubbed by the crouch.
The surprising part - no beer..just plain wanky musics.and my balls.

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Lullaby berkata...

woi aku ada kat situ apsal tak ada gambar aku haha

sIpekuk^ berkata...

Brader lu lepak kat tepi patung firwaun tu kaa??

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