Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009

Worldstage Premiere - Channel 713, Friday 9.30pm

Tomorrow, watch MTV Worldstage premiere on Channel 713, 9.30 pm (Mal time).
Held last 2 saturdays at Sunway, if u not on the scene, catch list of A-rated Rock Stars to blow your fucking mind..Kasabian, Boys Like Girls, Hoobastank and definitely All American Rejects!
Im not sure thu but hope the sound is exactly what's heard live.
What u should check out:
1. Hoobastank covered 'Ghostbusters'..Absolutely funny!
2. Roaring performance of AAR's 'Gives You Hell' - Tyson jumpin' jack flash all over the stage
3. Boys Like Girls performing "Love Drunk"
4. Kasabian's rockin' set.
5. Who else.. Tyson Ritter! (this one is for sue)

This is by any standard, the most explosive and epic event / music party ever held in kl!! Monstrous. More Kasabian vid post soon. Fuck yeah!
* Another one (this one just Cali-punk party) soon on the roll is No Use For A Name gig at Ruums, 18th Oct. So, be there or be bloody square!!

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