Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009

Zee Avi - New Chic Old Stuff

Nuwadays, there's a new song by local chic by the name of Zee Avi. Titled 'Bitter Heart', i was mistaken as another Colbie Callait single. Dun knuw much about her but her single keep springing on radios & as(butow)tro for now and she's really no ordinary singer-songwriter.
Originally from miri, yeah..the same birthplace of Hujan (?) i suppose this chic are working really hard to make budding impression in this image-conscious and cut-throat talent industry. She hailed under new label in town, Brushfire Records.
First noticed her thru one awful malay song, so bad with django-guitar as instrument. Whats the title its quiet hot in x-fresh (duh). Too bad, im put off by the lyric content courtesy of kl-lifestyle. really bad.

U can check her out via:
little corny for my taste but just OK for short fore-play session. At least, Yuna will have to fight for that slices of muhney...And doesnt Siti Nurhaliza should be out of office by now??! Whats she still doing in the business?? Ok, is zee avi comparable to another local short-lived r&b star, Che'nelle who did taste international success once but cant prolong to sustain?
Watch her move! Way to go, girl..

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