Isnin, 17 Ogos 2009

Hoosbatank ..Whose Butt Stinks??! (MTV World Stage)

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At 9pm, Hoobastank entered the stage.
The most glorious moment when they cover 'Ghostbuster' complete wit guitar riffin' & lick! Fuck, these rock stars really knuw how to do funny stuff onstage. Everybody go nuts!
One particular song they played probably a new single it sounded just so good, kinda like lost stuff penned by Chris Cornell.should diggit.sad, mellow, a mesmerizing point of da show.
Songs list including The Reason (one of the biggest song ever in the planet!), Crawling In The Dark & ol'/new songs.
Great stuff, nuw sure everybody's butt ticked very hard wit their Nu-style rock edge..

5 ulasan:

faziz ar berkata...

mohon lalu

saya su berkata...

argghh!!cant believe it u still roct it without meee!!this is a torture man!it is!!

wak gendu berkata...

wak xdapat cuti nak,

Rajuna berkata...

rock orang2 senang ni hehehe

sI pEkuK^rEjeK berkata...

Pas rm50 jek..senang per, hahaa..murah jek tue compare dpt tgok 4 big bands (hoobastank,kasabian,AAR & Boys Like Girls)onstage in a row!!!!

Sue, fret not..I heard Digi will organise conceret in oct also wit AAR!!! Arghhh!!Just wait, and this time make sure book your tix!

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