Isnin, 17 Ogos 2009

MTV Worldstage - Sunway, 15 Aug, 6-11.30pm

At first, it sounds like a dream but All Nu rock star darlings are here for first ever MTV outdoor show in this holy-burly land.About 20,000 people thronged the MTV World Stage in Sunway, last saturday. Music party,nuthing can beat the majestic air of good vibes, jeez and sweat!!
6pm Estranged - I dont bother to watch.
7pm Boys Like Girls - shit!I thought they played too early. Opening wit new single 'Love Drunk' (the vid feat Ashley Tisdale..yep!), they rock.Everybody seems overjoyous by the sight of Oh yeah, he's that handsome & i think the guitarist is pretty hunk too ahah! Strunging fave like 'Thunder' and ended show wit what else..'Great Escape'
745pm Raygun - A band from uk.Not much to comment.Playin' quite jazzy with big 80's pop taste, not too bad.Just ok.Kinda funny the singer shout sumthin' like 'raygun..raygun..!' LOL.
Pretty bad, the crowd had to wait longer in between performers..Real bad, they aired 'Billy Jean' clips on big screen WTF, a waste..a friend caught yelling 'ahh, Not Again!! (Mikael jackson)'
830pm Pixie Lott - A new weirdo (think ) chic from uk (again, haa). She got great voices & beneath the innocence spotted, she can as well turn into lady badd. Dun knuw much about 2 first songs, but ended her set wit her infamous 'Mama Do'.."oh uh oh uh"..

Next..3 of Nu Rock playa..Hoobastank, All American Rejects & Kasabian! No need to text, these rock stars really eat everyone alive!!! Oh thats so damn nasty..This is the best carnivale ever happened in malaysiau.
All the VJs uTT, denise also present.
Awesome! Stage lighting was oh damn gawd..sizzling.
And the sound was fuckin amazing, far cry from local standard.
Thanks MTV for the pop & party! Hope MTV can get stronger foundation & access here. As long as good musics flowin', we'll fight for the right to party!! Hope next would be Papa Roach, A7X, Hinder bla bla.
Too bad, some fellow SSPians cant make it hey next time.

Pic: The bigmouth party motherfucker at far right. Cam gig Rancid pun ade gak, kahkah

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