Jumaat, 21 Ogos 2009

Tyson Ritter..(MTV Worldstage)

I guess, just by catching his glimpse onstage would made thousand girls (at MTV Worldstage, Sunway 15/8/09) breathless! A passionate performer, the most handsome / hunky rock vocs ever..yummy!

He's package for nice edgy guy. Besides having great voice and ability to pen real good poppish anthem, he's Model too..so, nuw compare...

3 ulasan:

enyheartsdiamond berkata...

haha..suka hoobastank..ghost buster;)

Tanpa Nama berkata...

jarak-jarak, get over it la. the concert bukan show of a lifetime pun.

sI pEkUk^doUg berkata...

yep, sweety..damn.they're blowin everyone off wit dat song!

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