Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

tetiba teringat elliott smith

(pls click the thumbnail for a better view)

So Boy and Fuzza were wondering if lack of comments made me merajuk, thus the lack of my usual photoshop shites. Well, truth be told I didn't pay my celcom bills so yeah, that's it. No internet for a month. Can't believe how I managed to survive that pitiful phase of my life, hahah.

Anyway, I'm a person who is easily terharu by good music, comics, stories and good shows. And so, this piece was inspired by Eliott Smith's Angel In The Snow. I've recently again found passion in this talented singer-songwriter, and ironically after watching one of the Ugly Betty episodes (a faithful fan, damn you) when they used it as one of the BGMs. I had to berate myself, how could I have downloaded his New Moon album for years and yet managed to ignore this piece of heaven?? I should kill myself right now, biggest fan konon...

I'd say you make a perfect
Angel in the snow
All crushed out on the way you are
Better stop before it goes too far
Don't you know that I love you?
Sometimes I feel like only a cold still life
That fell down here to lay beside you

Don't you know that I love you?
Sometimes I feel like only a cold still life
Only a frozen still life
That fell down here to lay beside you

I know there isn't much "snow" in the above piece, heck, nor even an angel while we're at that. But this is how I interpret the song. Don't ask.

Oh yeah, and play this along while you're at it.

4 ulasan:

SSP berkata...

tapi pink darko mmg cantik.

Si Pekuk! berkata...

oh Welcome back! knuw we miss ur artsy pinky .. then, elliot smith. it made me woogie-woogie

boroifleet berkata...

the phase been fix..
great to have you 'connected' back!

nice edited image..
although there a lots of tension by its red/dawn color, but its cool..

btw, how do i connect your image with Angel In The Snow? hahaha.. its sounds mincing but please elaborate more for my understanding..

delusiana comeback = SSP bertambah ceria...

hahahaha.. si pekik mula membesar... dah pandai memilih makanan...

delusiana berkata...

well, when i first worked on it, i wanted to manipulate the photo into something that looks cold and frigid with a single red rose on the pavement which in my mind symbolizes an angel lah.

tapi tah mcm mana main-main dgn photoshop tersuka pulak the effect yg turned the whole thing pink.

so there you go. hahah

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